Susan Atkins' bloody footprints. Bloody doorstep. Bodies on the lawn. Bodies on the lawn. Bloody doorstep. Blood on the porch leading outside. Blood on the closet door in Sharon Tate's bedroom. The word 'pig' written on the front door in Sharon Tate's blood. 'Helter Skelter', misspelled by Patricia Krenwinkel, on the refrigerator at the LaBianca home. The wall of the LaBianca living room. The LaBianca home. The Tate/Polanski home. Voytek Frykowski/Coroner's Photo. Sharon Tate Sharon and Roman. The dutch door at the Tate residence/Crime Scene Steven Parent/Crime Scene Page From Sharon Tate Autopsy Report.

Sharon Tate, 8/8/1969 Sharon Tate & Jay Sebring, 8/8/1969 Sharon Tate & her dog, 8/8/1969 Jay Sebring/Crime Scene Jay Sebring/Crime Scene

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