While I may have written - the articles, the HTML codes, etc - and researched (endlessly) this site all by myself, I certainly didn't make this site what it is alone. A few thanks are in order to all those who have encouraged and assisted me along the way.

Thanks to Scott Michaels, Vi, Chappy, Michael, Tony, and Eric for the photos, Anthony Bruno and Dr. Stanton Samenow for the interviews, the members of the POMC for sharing, Wayne for the info no one else had, Newsweek, A&E, the History channel, the Discovery channel, FHM magazine, and anyone who has helped me in any way, but who I mistakenly omit here.

My deepest gratitude to my friends and family for putting up with the gory details, hours upon hours of cable TV documentaries, further hours upon hours spent with my nose stuck firmly in a book, the unpleasant photographs, the late-night machine-gun typing, and the constant odor of coffee and cigarettes wafting from wherever the computer and I were at. To Ryan, my 'partner in crime', you have probably borne the brunt of all this, and I can't thank you enough for your love, support, and encouragement. Together we will do great things. Endless thanks to my late mom, who gave me my first copy of Helter Skelter when I was in bed with chickenpox at age 17, not knowing the monster she would unwittingly help create, haha! A million thanks to Dianne Miller, who assigned her AP English class a research paper on a serial killer or mass murderer of the student's choosing, and started me down this path. A million thanks to Lory Conrad and Arpie Vermillion, who, along with Mrs. Miller, helped shape and define the writer in me. Infinite thanks to Dad, Julie, Jamie (a kindred spirit), and my sister Adrienne, who have probably seen and heard things they really didn't want to, and at inopportune moments. (I realize that crime scene photos and the minutae of blood splatter are probably not good dinner conversation.) Adrienne, dare I say you are slowly turning into me! To Philly, I appreciate you acting interested even when you probably weren't, and for philosophizing on social deviants with me. To my friends, thanks for understanding the attraction to all of this, not thinking I'm a nut, and for appreciating a good, messy story. I admire everyone's intestinal fortitude, you all have endured quite a lot since I became involved with this stuff. I also owe a vast amount of gratitude to each and every person who has ever visited this site, in all its incarnations, as well as those who have shared their own personal stories, photographs, and information. This site deals with extremely unpleasant subjects, and it is a comfort to know that there are others as passionate about it as I am. (Plus it makes me feel not so crazy.) You have all helped make this site what it is today, and I look forward to sharing more knowledge with all of you.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to all the 'Death Hags' at the FindaDeath.com Forum, you are an invaluable resource for information, horrid photographs, friendship, and comraderie. You are the kindest, wittiest, and most morbid people I have never met, and I adore you all!

"I go walking, after midnight
Out in the moonlight
Just like we used to do
I'm always walking, after midnight
Searching for you

I walk for miles, along the highway
Well that's just my way
Of saying I love you
I'm always walking after midnight
Searching for you"

- Patsy Cline