The following is a collection of the very kind and the very, very strange responses I've received in regards to this website. (It's also a chance for me to shamelessly gloat.) Oh, the bizarre things I find in my inbox. The guestbook messages and emails have been divided into three sections, one for nice mail, one for hate mail, and one for what I like to call, "What the hell is the matter with you?!" Spelling and grammar - or lack thereof - of the original letters and messages has been preserved. The names of senders have been deleted for privacy purposes.

You Like, You Really Like Me!

"I just read you guest book & it appears most people were doing research & discovered your site. I, on the other hand, am just a sick, twisted pervert who finds serial killer fascinating. I have been obsessed with them since I was little. And I am a WOMAN!! Hear me ROAR. And feel me BITE!!! Any interested parties??"


"Oh yeah!! Your site is more than worthy! And you do deserve the recognition you have received. Serial killers have always fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. For a long time I thought something was wrong with me. But reading your email responses shows me I am not the only sick one out there. And there is nothing wrong with me. A couple of the emails I read gave me the feeling that some people are on this site to get pointers for future crimes. And to make sure they'll have someplace to have their names posted when they hit it big. Have room for me??"

"Hey, I just ran across your website while looking for research for my paper and I have to say it is the best site I have ever seen! I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions on where to look for in depth case studies of serial killers. My research/argumentation paper is going to be based on the idea that the combination, not just one, of genes, society, and psychological factors are what lead a person to kill. If you can't or don't want to give me a suggestion for a book or something that's ok. My main message is that you guys have created an awesome website. I have been reading every case study and right now I just got done with the Manson one. Also, just FYI I didn't even know about half of these cases. I can't beleive how much work you have put into this, it's really amazing. Well, thank you for your time and once more, awesome website!"

"I Just wanted to send you a positive comment about your Charles Manson section. I am a college student and have recently encountered many other students who hold Manson in high regard and think that he is downright 'cool'! Yes, this is happening in college where people are thought to be mature young adults who can distinguish between right and wrong. Anyway, to make a long story short, after finding your site, I suggested a few of these people take a look at some of the crime scene photos. I myself have never seen them before. I could only imagine from reading books and references. After looking at them one time, my stomach churned and my heart ached. After some of my acquaintances also viewed these photos, suddenly their opinions of Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkle and Van Houten have taken a different turn. I am elated to hear that Miss Van Houten was denied parole yet again. I almost bought into her innocent, sweet act. Then I watched her sit stoically as the niece of the LaBianca's spoke to the parole board. As for Miss Atkins having been married twice and now denying the fact that she did any wrong, I cannot comprehend. Yet, the saddest of all in my opinion, is Mr. Watson, being allowed to father four children while in prison! I just don't understand our justice system sometimes. I'm sorry for writing so much. I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you for a well written and informative page."

"Of all the websites on Manson that I've seen, your's is the only one that notes that some people just don't grasp the enormity of what happened. I am always astonished by the tone of what some have to say. Thanks for the reality check."

"i just wanted to thank you for putting this site together. My friend John Tomlin was lost at columbine. As i read your report on columbine, many questions were answered that couldnt be other places, and through a little investigation, i find everything to be right on the money..thank you"

"I just wanted to thank you for the section on Eric and Dylan, you portrayed them as people and not a lot of people would have the courage to do so."

"This is a very cool site. I love reading about women that kill. Its about time that men start thinking before they mess with women. Were not so defenceless anymore."

"this is the most gross thing i have ever seen. it helps you to know what to look for though, i send my compliments to you for having the courage to have this sight."

"this web site rocks,I visit it nearly everyday. Talk about scary shit!! man there are some real phsycos out there!! it has some real good info. specialy for my law classes. sick pics (charles manson) loving it."

You Hate My Guts

"I'm very sorry that you feel that all but 2 of the women who have killed and are on death row deserve to die. You just remember that he who is without sin cast the first stone. And if you expect to be forgiven by God, you can't be forgiven if you yourself don't forgive others. I would really seek God. If you aren't a Christian, you have pretty much sealed your eternal fate and where you go is much worse then being executed in a prison. And before you go making remarks like how Christian organizations "bought into" Karla Faye Tucker's Christian conversion, you better talk straight to the source and find out all your facts. I feel very sorry for you that you can't accept the fact that someone that has murdered can't change their ways and become a good person, even a Christian."

"> "why would you show things like this? it is crul and sick. i think the ppl that this happened to would not agree or appreciate it at all. think of others not just of yourself!"

"hey bitch, i'm gonna give you some advice: in the richard ramirez story you only talk about his childhood, but in the charles manson case you discuss only the murders. you need to be more universal in these essays. also, this aint a religous website so you don't need to be talking about no religion."

What the Hell is the Matter With You?!

"I read all the stuff uoi hard on charles manson. and I saw all of the pictures. who does everyone talk about him as if he were a bad man? some people need to suffer, even if they have to die with their sufferings. how could you not understand all this? I think it is you that is the terrible person not him. his name goes down in history for his greatness and your name? ha nothing."

"The literal blab on the mindset that can achieve the ability to destroy life with no remorse is not all too correct. Anyone can set their mind to damage the society that has caused them pain or embarrasment before their peers and injustice of their feelings or right to freedom of happiness. All that has to be done is to set the mind that the lives other than yours is just fodder for your rage. at first the repulse of bodily damage is strong but weakens with every resolve or self- justification of the events. then it becomes like a job. You learn to do it with efficiency and speed. the methods can be adjusted to serve better or as a tool to throw the pattern off. organised and disorganised is wrong. every job is organised. the remainder of the job isnt important after the fact and unsettling of surroundings during the job arent worth a thought. leave it and let the forensics try to figure their way through it like fools. As You can see, your only chance to know the minds of this type of individual is to actually go along for the ride. You will have to build a trust and must have a collateral wall to keep safe during the investigations you do.(ie. a set of pics or tape of them commiting one of their jobs, evidence placed into a safety deposit box, etc.) first hand eyewitnessing the events and maybe a chat during and after will reveal to you the mind of this type of person. But of course you will also be accomplice to this person if you do go along for the ride. so, Is the knowlege gained and insight into this mindset reasonably worth the ride? I wish you plenty."

"hey maybe i'll even be on your website one day...."

"Im thinkin about starting my own cult for killers anybody in the tampa florida area gimme a email we will meet and continue my dream to murder women and eat little children"

"will you write about me?"

"Hail Satan!!"

"well good m8s!!!! i am a serial killer!!!!!! well i want 2 b 1!!!"

"Serial killers act out on what only I dream about!!!!"

"hey bitch i killed 13 people"